There are many constants in dnsdist.


  • DNSOpcode.Query
  • DNSOpcode.IQuery
  • DNSOpcode.Status
  • DNSOpcode.Notify
  • DNSOpcode.Update


  • QClass.IN
  • QClass.CHAOS
  • QClass.NONE
  • QClass.ANY


  • dnsdist.NOERROR
  • dnsdist.FORMERR
  • dnsdist.SERVFAIL
  • dnsdist.NXDOMAIN
  • dnsdist.NOTIMP
  • dnsdist.REFUSED
  • dnsdist.YXDOMAIN
  • dnsdist.YXRRSET
  • dnsdist.NXRRSET
  • dnsdist.NOTAUTH
  • dnsdist.NOTZONE

DNS Section

  • DNSSection.Question
  • DNSSection.Answer
  • DNSSection.Authority
  • DNSSection.Additional


These constants represent an Action that can be returned from the functions invoked by addLuaAction() and addLuaResponseAction().

  • DNSAction.Allow: let the query pass, skipping other rules
  • DNSAction.Delay: delay the response for the specified milliseconds (UDP-only), continue to the next rule
  • DNSAction.Drop: drop the query
  • DNSAction.HeaderModify: indicate that the query has been turned into a response
  • DNSAction.None: continue to the next rule
  • DNSAction.Nxdomain: return a response with a NXDomain rcode
  • DNSAction.Pool: use the specified pool to forward this query
  • DNSAction.Refused: return a response with a Refused rcode
  • DNSAction.Spoof: spoof the response using the supplied IPv4 (A), IPv6 (AAAA) or string (CNAME) value